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  1. Clarkson is someone who realised quite early on that you could talk about cars (or maybe cameras, or lenses) for a thousand years and not get the same coverage as the odd 'non PC' remark and so has built a career on this. The downside of this strategy is obvious. Most of us learn in the playground that if you wind people up all the time to get a reaction you get hit eventually. I don't watch Top Gear because it isn't really a car show, the way Masterchef isn't really a food programme or X-factor isn't really a search for new original talent. They are TV shows, edited and stage managed to buggery. I visit EOSHD because it is a proper camera/video and gear site with useful real world opinions about gear I might actually own and use. This particular instance sounds different and more like workplace bullying - there was no food available because the presenters had stayed in the pub for two hours and the hotel chef had gone home by the time they got back - but then I don't really know the facts and neither do you. All I know is that Clarkson has got where he is (for good and bad) by himself and doesn't really merit or need your support.
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