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  1. Louis CK is one of the most popular, famous, US comedians of all time. These are some of his lines: * on Sarah Palin: “fucking jackoff cunt-face jazzy wondergirl” who “has a family of Chinese poor people living in her cunt hole.” * on people who design fountains: "all fountain-sculptors are pedophiles" * on homosexuals, if every time he mowed the lawn two men were blowing each other on it: "Aww—come on, I gotta cut around you faggots every Sunday." * on the 'the N-word': "that's just white people getting away with saying nigger. Don't hide behind the first letter like a faggot." He's also made fun of rape, and has discussed shitting on people's faces. He has a show on a mainstream television network in the USA. Clarkson didn't hit anybody, he just yelled and said bad words. All those who insinuated he committed "assault", prior to any evidence, be ashamed of yourself. You PC cunts are the problem with this world. Andrew is 100% right.
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