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  1. I make videos for my Vimeo on Demand channel. I am not interested in the ultimate video quality (I was a network TV director and film-make in the old, pre-digital days) but usability/functionality/practicality while shooting video does feature high on my priorities. I have three Panny G6s and one OMD EM5 (mk I) and an X-100s as the carry-everywhere body. I owned the EM5 Mk II briefly (even bought locally, as it's a "world camera" as far as frame rates are concerned; this is great) but sent it back, swallowing a restocking fee to do so. Why? Andrew wrote: This was my experience too, and using one of the 1080 codecs (I could not work out which one) AF on half shutter press simply did not work. I repeated this a number of times, too. It's a bug. I loved the stabilisation; truly remarkable, but usability compared to the G6 bodies (ISO on a button; ditto WB; aperture; exp. comp. on front slider; and SS adjustable on the fly) was poor. Having to access exp. comp. via a touch screen did not work for me; it might for you. I loved much else about the camera and was hoping that I had found the carry-everywhere stills camera that doubles as the steadycam on location, but I sent it back; it is not that, for me. So near, and yet so far.
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