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  1. ​Have you reached out to Olympus for a response to this analysis of yours? I get that it's still bad even if this is just 1.0 firmware quality issue and they plan to better E-M1 with future improvements to video on this mark II.....but this seems a bit harsh if such is the case. Maybe they do just want this camera to not perform quite as nice as E-M1.....but doubt that is the case when they are bragging it up for video more than they did the E-M1. Seems this is just a first pass at getting video working with the new hardware and codecs on a camera they expect to sell for photo takers mostly until they get the video refined.
  2. Is this written assuming firmware beyond 1.0 will not improve video greatly or that 1.0 should have included closer to max eventual video quality?? Seems Olympus is trying to do better on video with this camera and may just have some firmware work to get where they intend to be.
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