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  1. ​Thanks for the links. I'm reading them now. I just rented the 42.5 1.2, and plan on seeing how much of a difference the IOS makes. That seems to be the one plus that the Leica has going for it that is hard to get anywhere else.
  2. ​Thank you. That makes sense. It seems like what it comes down to is whether or not the IOS is worth the loss of some depth of field.
  3. GH4 with Speedbooster + Canon Glass, OR Leica 42.5 1.2 Im ready to make a purchase to get portrait length lens for my GH4. Currently I have one lens, the Leica 15mm 1.7, and a Nikon f mount adapter (non-speedbooster) Im looking to primarly shoot weddings, and fashion video shoots, so shallow DOF is important to me. Basicly im looking to recreate the look of shooting with a Canon 50-85 mm 1.2L on a 5dMark III... on my GH4. My dilemma is which route to take. The Leica 42.5 seems like an incredible lense that is excellent in low light, and has an incredible DOF, but purchasing the Metabones
  4. ​Andrew, I purchased your book and just wondering when you are planning updating the book for suggested lenses using the Canon EF speedbooster. Thanks! "This book will be updated with more details when they are available."
  5. ​I see what your saying. In general I'm shooting quick start and stop scenarios. I read extensively about the Shure microphone you mentioned. When they say that "One press of the Record button starts tracking" are they impling that it is "smart", in that it is recording the sound on the external sd card (on the microphone), but starting and stoping based on the camera's start and stop? That is exactly what I'm looking for!
  6. Thank you jcs. Im often shooting downhill mountain biking, so no, 60p is not fast enough. I appreciate your advice. I downloaded a clapper app, and Im looking into external audio recorders.
  7. First off, does anyone forsee Panasonic making a firmware update in the future to include audio recording while filming in 96fps on the GH4? Could I please get a few suggestions as far as the best way to go about recording sound while recording in Slow motion? I find myself often filming in 96fps, giving me flexibility in post to play at full speed, OR slow motion. Im inhibited by the fact that I have no audio, if I choose to speed the footage up. I have reasearched a few external audio recorders but have found little information as far as the workflow to sync the audio to the video. Any help
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