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  1. Low light sucks on GH4 - way too much moving noise with high ISOs, basically anything shot with out good light, pretty much sucks. Looking into getting a metabones speedbooster in hopes of it helping in this regard. But if you shoot in good light or outside it can be awesome. Also be careful taking advise on setting up the Profiles from Internet sources. Some are way off the mark. Cinelike D for post - Cinelike V for baked in look. Stay clear of bringing up shadows or master pedestal on camera - in most cases it just creates noise unless you have lots of light. Pans with 4k and punch ins - m
  2. I have had the GH4 for awhile now and my background did not include shooting video with a different DLSR so I don't compare the GH4 to other cameras. My opinions are only based on logic. Focus magnification during recording is a no brainer. You can't fix Focus in post - so while I am recording - checking my focus with magnification is a must. I realize also that there is no actual measurement view ( feet/inches etc. ) because there are too many different type of lenses and that would be impossible but one would think that Panasonic could figure it out for their own lenses. Focus Peaking is gre
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