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  1. I recorded out of the HDMI port with the new bm video assist a couple of weeks ago and noticed banding on the footage. I thought it was user error on my part, being new to both the video assist and the FS5. Good to know that that wasn't the case. I'm wondering if I should return the FS5 and wait and see if Sony will fix the problem before committing to it.
  2. ‚ÄčI'd probably choose film for most creative projects... I'm sure there are a few instances that i'd use digital for (low light, tight quarters, etc...) I'd probably choose digital for most docu-style shoots, if budget didn't matter. But budget always matters and I'm sure I can find a better way to use the money I saved in film processing and transferring. I'm happy that digital leveled the playing field and glad that film is still an option.
  3. Long time lurker. A post that made me finally want to create a user name. I'm all for digital and the freedom it brings to all film makers. But I recently had a discussion with a colorist about this subject and he (proponent of film) said something that made me think about my thoughts on digital/film: 'If you didn't have to worry about budget, would you choose film or digital?' I'd have to say at this point, I'd probably choose film (and only to shoot, not for projection.) But those days are definitely numbered.
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