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  1. Yeah that's about right. You should be able to qualify for that. It would be different if this was a collaborative effort but from what you describe, this is your baby and the station is just skimming some ad revenue.
  2. Does this station produce local news? If so I would try and see if they could maybe get you a deal with their CC service to log your show since they're the ones insisting on making you get it done.
  3. And with Premiere you're pulling a lot of hair out trying to learn anything lol
  4. What kind of station is this and what's the nature of the program you're producing? Are you producing a program for the station or are you trying to sell a program to the station? If it's the former, the station should use its own captioning service and shouldn't burden you with that task. If not there are plenty of captioning services out there that will caption your program. Another thing, if you are selling your program to the station, then they shouldn't require you to caption the program at all.
  5. pardon me while I clean up the mess I just made watching that. Love Tarantino.
  6. ekt8750

    Nikon D7200

    ​Correct. There's about $300 separating the cost of the two bodies and the D7200 is offered with a nice 18-140mm kit lens for an extra $250 and I do want to get at least a good prime lens for my video work.
  7. ekt8750

    Nikon D7200

    Being able to change the aperture in live view would be nice but not a deal breaker. ​I don't mind the extra crop in 1080p60. Any added reach in video is fine by me most of the time (especially when I'm shooting skylines from a distance). ​Sounds good but I still dunno if I should better spend that extra $200-400 on glass.
  8. ekt8750

    Nikon D7200

    ​I actually don't have any gear to call my own. Been renting/borrowing 70Ds when I need to. The video out of them is ok but soft and the aliasing/moire kills it for certain things.
  9. ekt8750

    Nikon D7200

    I was looking at that as well. The NX1 would be at the very top of my budget and I'd need to get glass. How is the NX1 as a stills camera and is the 4K H.265 as cumbersome to deal with as I've read everywhere?
  10. ekt8750

    Nikon D7200

    Just wondering is this any good as a video camera. I'm going to primarily use this to film landscapes, cityscapes and scenery in varying levels of light. I also plan on doing event videography as well as tons of still photography. Is this worth a look or should I be going elsewhere?
  11. true but I never found them to put out the best video don't get me started on AVCHD
  12. Why are these camera manufacturers so afraid of 60fps 1080p on lower end cameras? Seems like only Samsung, Panasonic and just recently Nikon are the only ones that don't bend you over for wanting that. To me anyway I don't think I should have to pay $2000+ for buttery smooth video in full HD.
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