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  1. I can't believe you came out with this list today. I have a channel on vimeo called 50mm. And about a week ago I was convinced that a pocket cinema camera with a speedbooster was going to be my next upgrade. I currently own a hacked gh2 w/speedbooster which gives it a 1.34x crop and a sharp picture. but poor color reproduction and low dynamic range. I am yearning for RAW (coming from a VFX background). but I remembered the jump from my t2i to the gh2 which was very noticeable for lense choice. my .72x speedbooster would give a 2.3x crop in the bmpcc and I just can't do it again. The bmpcc speedbooster for canon glass is $659! fuck that's a heavy investment for a piece of glass that will only work with one camera. Then I started coming across 5d mark ii raw videos.And last night I went on a binge looking for every Raw 5dmkii video I could find. There is a certain aesthetic to FF which is not matched by many cameras. The Fact that you can get 1080p (2.35) raw with that sweet sweet Bokehlicious depth of field, a fine noise grain and excellent color science. Plus probably the most used professional stills camera in the last decade. The image coming off of 5dii and 5diii just feels super sexy to me. https://vimeo.com/114574497 5d3 RAW https://vimeo.com/groups/192251/videos/117056139 5dII RAW with VAF https://vimeo.com/108711721 5dII RAW with VAF https://vimeo.com/84603397 5dII RAW NO VAF https://vimeo.com/70954407 5dII RAW NO VAF https://vimeo.com/74610043 1DC porn I hate to say this but I have to agree with Caleb I am becoming a Canon man again too, it just took me longer to mature. And that jerk Andrew Reid forced me to buy the GH2 when I was completely happy with my T2i back in the day. Great Comparison Definitely Biased toward FF. I also wanted to mention that I hate magenta as much as Paul Giamatti's character in sideaways hates Merlot. and I have noticed the 5d mark iii has more magenta than the 5d mark ii. This is also the reason I never got a GH3 and why I'm not getting a GH4.
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