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  1. Can someone please post a link to a source file that they believe Premiere has a problem with? Since no one has yet posted any export settings or sequence settings (why?), I would like to rule out user error. One file is enough...
  2. Would you mind sharing your project file and a source file - or at least let us know what settings you used? Unless you share this, it's rather meaningless. Is this image the output, or the preview? Did you render the timeline before this? In what codec? Did you watch at 100 %, or scaled? GPU acceleration or not? What sequence settings? What export settings? Did you use previews on export? SO many things can be set wrong. Unless we get some details, and actually know what we see, we just have to take your word that you did everything correctly. Until we get some real facts this is bad info, since it's not possible to know if you're doing things right. A test done wrong is not a good test. A test done right is a good test. For this one, we have to guess. Please share the facts. 1 hr ยท Like
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