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  1. I'd probably also suggest to revise their typeface choice. Is that Arial? Especially the SLR MAGIC label looks kinda cheap...
  2. If you're on a budget, the Kamerar / Photography & Cinema rig is alright for the price, it's all metal. A redstan isn't necessary. The FM seems to come with a clamp. But you'll need something to mount it on.
  3. ​Great! Can't wait to try this. Would you say the Cinelux gives the best results with the Focus Module as it was designed for it, or are there better anamorphic lenses for it in terms of sharpness? I own a Proskar (which I am guessing will be worse), but haven't really used it much other than for a few test shots, mostly due to the dual focusing nightmare. I am mostly after the oval bokeh. Flares are nice, but, to me, the bokeh is what really makes the anamorphic look. 1.3x and 1.5x adapter just don't provide that...
  4. I just went for a Cinelux 2x on eBay. Could anyone quickly confirm this is the correct version, please, before the guy sends it off? "SCHNEIDER SUPER CINELUX ES Anamorphic lens. Barrel diameter: 70.6mm" Next up: FM lens purchase.
  5. Has anyone tried the Proskar 2x anamorphic with this? Also, what's the final verdict on the Schneider Cinelux vs. other compatible lenses now that the FM has been around for a bit? (Asking as the FM is being advertised in combination with the Cinelux).
  6. IS should be off for pans and slider use, however I just see regular 24/25p motion judder in this.
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