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  1. Hey relax... clickbait everywhere KOL, attention seekers whatsoever - when your video title said you are doing a camera review, what's the point just seeing you talk, talk & talk for 10-20 mins? Or you don't even have access to the camera yet? I mean come on all that 10-20 mins bullsh*t you can summarise in point form + samples. That's it, simple, easy, save everyone's time. Likewise when I am searching for a guitar amp review, I will first scroll through all content, if there is less than 60% playing I will pass, if not a thumbs down. Same for camera reviews.
  2. I hope so too... I even bought 3 more lenses after the system was certified dead... Just that with the latest firmware, the exposure drifting issue is killing me - tried every related settings I could think of + reset... drifting still exists...
  3. HKD54,000 is selling price, and Hong Kong doesn't have VAT... Very tempted for me too... but then I am expecting the "5D4", although my guess is... it won't do internal 4K at FF......
  4. Canon Hong Kong lowered the list price of 1D C: http://www.canon.com.hk/en/product/catalog/productItemDetails.do?prrfnbr=200477 I called a dealer - it is now around HKD$54,000 actual, which is ~USD7000
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