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  1. This summer as well I get opportunity to visit my friends back home in Lithuania. I got very nice memories from my previous visit last year and I was happy to visit them again at Gelgaudis, at south of Neman (Nemunas) River, Lithuania. Despite bad weather we spend a wonderful time. Got some shorts memories from there. Thank you for watching Little bit about technical site. First time I used completely only hacked software from my Canon 5D mark III, called Magic Lantern. All videos were captured at RAW (MLV files transfered to DNG) and time-lapses were done using Silent Pictures mode from Magic Lantern. Also first time I used new transfer method. 1) MLV video files 2) transfer to Cinema DNG 3) Open with Davinci Resolve 4) change color settings decode using: clip and Color space: BMD film. (to get flat picture look) 5) Transfer to DNxHD 444 6) Import and Edit and color correction done with Adobe Premiere CC 2015 using new LUMETRI color correction update. Summary: results are fabulous and saved me a lot of time. New adobe update: LUMETRI color correction is lifesaver. Music by: Jon Hopkins - The River Cheers
  2. http://vimeo.com/3hund/bioluminescentforest Shot with Canon 5D mark III. Can somebody remind me how old it is? (not sure if it shot with ML RAW). How somebody already mentioned, cameras are just a tools, this time what we spending for pixel peaping we should spend for creativity. Past month I spend a lot of time gathering info and thinking if I should sell my 5D III and move to Sony a7s or to wait for 5D IV. a7s have the same big advantages and disatvantages compering to Canon 5D mark III (ML RAW) and non of those camaras are perfect. Now when ML raw work flough way more simplified, big color grading freadom and after watcing creative short movies like this I think theres no point to abandon 5D.
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