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  1. yeah but what is the truth? i would say quicktime output is the more important reference. try to open a tiff picture in quicktime, photoshop, preview and premiere pro. ll will look the same but premiere will look more saturated and contrasty. i would say photoshop is more accurate.
  2. Thank you but it does not make a difference. I also have the gamma shift with prores and any other codec. i´m sure everyone has the problem if you look carefully. i saw it with any editing system with premiere pro since cs5 till cc. the contrast and the saturation of videos in every codec are less when exported then in the preview in premier pro.
  3. Hello, I have a lot of problems with the preview in adobe premiere pro and quicktime when it comes to color grading. These problems I experienced on different computer running Mac os x and different monitors calibrated or not. The issue is that the footage (h.264 / AVCHD) no matter if it´s from a 5d or a sony a7s looks alway more saturated and more punchy in the preview of premiere then after exporting and opening in quicktime. I think it´s a gamma problem. the thing is when i use magic bullet and the magic bullet looks preview inside premiere, it looks the same then in quicktime. when i use vls to playback the footage it looks the same then the preview of premiere pro. i made an example foto with four pictures. it´s a slight difference but if u look careful you will see it. it really drives me crazy. does anybody have the same experience or a solution? thank you, ben
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