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  1. ">December 3, 2014 "> ">December 3, 2014 It's full of flaws anyway. They criticise the EVF at the same time as giving the 7D Mark II top marks for handling... well that doesn't even have one! The EVF on the NX1 is great anyway! They complain about usability when all their complaints are solved merely by setting up the camera properly. Put stills to 16:9 so it matches video framing, use peaking and magnified focus assist, hit record. Not hard is it? The 7D mark II doesn't even have peaking and neither can magnify focus whilst recording yet the NX1 gets a kick in the knees for it
  2. Thanks, very interesting. I just collected my NX1 and is very happy with it. I think the quality is great and unbeatable at that price. However I do notice a few very negative reviews this last two days. One said the focus tracking as very bad and another basically implying it's the worst camera ever for video shoot and couldn't understand how any one will give it a positive review. It's getting curiouser and curiouser.
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