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  1. ">December 3, 2014 "> ">December 3, 2014 It's full of flaws anyway. They criticise the EVF at the same time as giving the 7D Mark II top marks for handling... well that doesn't even have one! The EVF on the NX1 is great anyway! They complain about usability when all their complaints are solved merely by setting up the camera properly. Put stills to 16:9 so it matches video framing, use peaking and magnified focus assist, hit record. Not hard is it? The 7D mark II doesn't even have peaking and neither can magnify focus whilst recording yet the NX1 gets a kick in the knees for it and the 7D doesn't. They barely mentioned it. Most critically the workflow they used was totally the wrong one. They had SmartRange turned on and Contrast -10. Double trouble. They say 18 hours to transcode 1 hour of footage, but that simply isn't the case. They didn't use Wondershare to transcode to ProRes and only used the supplied Samsung software to transcode to H.264. On top of this their rolling shutter test has been flawed previously, rating the GH4 in 4K better than the 5D Mark III in 1080p and the A7S in APS-C crop mode. That's not borne out in reality. Likewise their dynamic range test has brought up weird results. They rated the A7S at 14 stops, same as an Arri Amira and the 5D Mark III with CineStyle ahead of the 1D C with Canon LOG!! I'm curious how they get 11.8 stops out of the 5D Mark III's stock video mode when the sensor is only rated for 11.5 stops in raw!! It all just seemed overly critical, more critical than their other reviews for distinctly less impressive cameras. What a shame some personal bias has affected their impartiality as reporters. I hope nobody cancelled their NX1 order as a result. Well, I bought mine and loving it! Thanks for the background information. I certainly won't be visiting that site any nire. I mean they made it sound as though the NX1 is really the worst camera available for video!
  2. Thanks, very interesting. I just collected my NX1 and is very happy with it. I think the quality is great and unbeatable at that price. However I do notice a few very negative reviews this last two days. One said the focus tracking as very bad and another basically implying it's the worst camera ever for video shoot and couldn't understand how any one will give it a positive review. It's getting curiouser and curiouser.
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