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  1. hello, I am looking to get a camera for shooting some video, so i thought i would post a topic. recently i have been a bit slack on keeping up with video camera / dslr news as i have been busy this past year with work and things, so i feel a bit out of touch and a little lost. should i stay with dslr, should i go mirrorless, or whatever, i have honestly no clue. i have a nikon d700 at the moment, which i have used primarily for stills, and now that i need to shoot a few vids, obviously since the d700 has no video function, i need to sell it and get something else. i have a few nice lenses, nikon 50mm, 70-200, 24 1.4, and a schneider 90mm, so i do have some investment in lenses in the f mount, which i guess i could sell to buy into something else, but obviously id probably rather keep my lenses, as it just easier. and id prefer to keep my lenses because i do still need to shoot stills. so, if you were me, what would you do? the options as i see it are: 1) sell d700 and buy a d750 or some other nikon body 2) sell d700 and lenses and then buy some other system 3) keep the d700 for stills and just buy something different altogether for video, a sony a7r, or a g4 or something else (i have no idea tbh) 4) sell d700 and get a a7r and an adapter for my lenses .... so, as you can see im in a bit of a pickle with how to proceed, so if you can give me some ideas, that would be great. also just for fun, lets pretend i didnt currently have a d700, or any lenses, and i wanted to buy some stuff for video, if you were going to spend $3000 ish on a new setup for video, what would you choose and why? ps i have some lights already, well, i have some studio strobes that i think can double as constant lighting, so just camera only please. Thanks. ps thanks !!!
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