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  1. You may have struck gold with your Iscorama. There are a few former Eastern Bloc eBay camera dealers who are very keen to hoover up limited production run and prototype lenses. And if they bid against each other, who knows... Well, what we definitely do know is that they'd put your lens straight back on eBay with a mark up of at least 100%. But that wouldn't be your problem. And if you keep the lens, Alan Doyle at redstan will definitely come up with a really solid mounting solution.
  2. Please accept my apologies for the slow response to Tito Ferradans’ message. Deadlines are always chasing me down, so I’m unlikely to be the most prolific poster… I am aware of the amazingly generous work Tito has done with his Lens Encyclopaedia and wonderful YouTube videos. And time permitting, I’d be happy to provide any information which might help his work. However… There is someone who can supply much, much more information than I ever could. His name is Tony Shapps, erstwhile proprietor of The Widescreen Centre in London. This establishment was the largest consumer anamorphics dealer in the world from the 70s through to the 90s, and Mr Shapps was a personal friend of the CEO and owner of ISCO. He also provided most of the information for the Iscorama Wikipedia page, and is an absolutely top fellow by all accounts. So perhaps someone on the forum should try and open communication channels with him via his Facebook page: https://en-gb.facebook.com/tshapps And to Barney909, I’d consider putting the lens back on eBay, but running the sale as an auction. It’s a very rare piece of glass, and if a real ding-dong bidding battle got going, you might even make enough money to buy an Iscorama 42; and a 54. With enough left over for a baby Iscomorphot on the side. I’d also be a bit wary of hanging what is potentially a $2000 - $4000 lens off my camera with some cheap filter bodies, so you might want to enquire at redstan.com about a custom clamp. Good luck…
  3. ISCO only manufactured a couple of examples of this lens. And they were never released commercially. It has a 49mm rear element diameter and a 95mm front filter thread. Which does beg the question as to why it was produced in the first place, given that the size and weight are pretty much identical to the Iscorama 54, and its successors, the ISCO 16:9 Video Attachment (1.33x) and the ISCO 16:9 Video Attachment I (1.42x). I've got a little stash of rare ISCO stuff, including one of the prototypes for the original 1967 Iscorama (all metal construction and a 67mm filter thread). So if you are ever interested in parting with your special find, I'd certainly make you an offer. And treat your lens carefully, because it's a little bit of German optical history...
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