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  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum but have been following EOSHD for sometime now. I'd appreciate people's thoughts on the best follow focus between $500 and $1000. I will be using with Sony A7s on a tripod. Here are some that I am considering and would like people's experience with them as well. Letus35 Follow Focus - $900 ikan Tilta FF-T03 15mm Follow Focus with Hard Stops - $600 Movcam Mini Follow Focus MF-1 - $900 Cavision RFD15SC Advanced Mini Single Wheel Follow Focus - $485 Thanks, Chris
  2. Thanks for the article. When are you planning to release your shooter's guide for the A7s? Thanks, Chris
  3. Was just about to purchase an A7S. How long do you think before we see the A7S II? Any thoughts on waiting for the version 2 or getting the current one? thks
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