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  1. one thing to note here there reason arri and sony F5 etc don't get included in this ranking, is as far as i know they don't have a dedicated stills mode i shot have stills on a dragon before and they are pretty good and its quite easy to switch to that mode during a shoot also the i would agree with the DR on the helium it,s very good as good as my K1 as far as i can see and what makes it even better that's from a moving image i,m sure you could pull an individual .ari or DNG from one of these other cameras and test ....but thats does,nt seem to be how the DXO guys work. i,m glad some one brought up the 645z ...it is quite strange that was left out ...that is truly brillant camera
  2. so ok bit of research and found this see link , so no i don,t think we need to worry about our films lens for quite some time on digital sensors and the chairmain of cooke optics calls the whole 4k lens thing a red herring ...i think my old glass is fine http://www.cookeoptics.co.uk/techdoc/AFEEAD0010089A9585257BB40064E20F/Are your lenses good enough for that 4k high definition camera.pdf
  3. so i,m confused will my canon 50mm FD which shoots amazing images on film and has done for many years not be any good on 24MP digital camera i can,t quite fathom what this is about if the lens shots well on film surely it going to look great on digital i mean what is the resolution of film i did a quick google and and ken rockwell thinks you would need 175MP camera to resolve the detail of 35mm film so can some one explain this a bit further for me
  4. Hi Just a note not sure if any one has posted this if you are in the UK and you bought one of these camera,s you can claim the funky iris lens cap for free direct from panasonic uk you have to claim it before the end of this month link here http://promotions.panasonic.co.uk/offer/lumix-lx100-free-lens-cap-offer/ My LX100 turned up yesterday the original review andrew totally did it justice it is an amazing little camera and a serious bang per buck just from playing with it last night i know the footage is going to be interesting to work with i will post some test footage after some heavy grading and rinsing it thru resolve a few times ,maybe later in the week BTW i normally fiddle with alexa ,red footage and DPX,s so this should be fun i thought if people are interested it would be good to do a work flow for this ...that any one can afford to do because i think it will be quite popular camera ..plus i have one Ha!
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