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  1. That's the thing though! I do like the old lenses and even cheap lenses look, flairs, etc... But budget being an issue I was wondering if the LX100 will do the trick, being good in low light, with a nice lens, and stabilisation, if the DOF an bookeh (in that range) wasn't far from what I can get with a GM1 I would go for it. I have a rather basic tripod and monopod, and I would like a small setup that gives me pretty much the same quality with the benefits of a compact yet complete package.
  2. Hi guys, I have my eyes on the LX100. Currently I'm using a GM1 with a 35mm 1.7 cctv lens, as budget is an issue... Previously I've used a GH2 with the 20mm, nex 5n 16mm, and Sony rx100, I'm a hobbist who needs to take pictures as well as video, with the biggest quality I can afford. I'm quite happy with the GM1 and specially in low light (which is very important to me). I was conidering to buy a 14mm pancake as well as the Oly 45 1.8, as this is the range I'll use the most, I shoot music videos and making offs of events, etc.. The thing is that range of lens is almost the same as t
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