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  1. So, to fine-tune shutter speed one would use a front ring? But if I wanted to use the front ring for focusing or zooming then I would adjust with the rear wheel, right? In any case, front ring, rear wheel or plain buttons, to me this seems breaking the retro experience. I understand that I cannot set all the possible speeds with just one small dial on top, so I would employ the EV dial for fine-tuning instead of using re-programmable front ring or the rear ring. To me, using EV dial is more in line with retro approach than using the front ring or the rear wheel. This can perfectly work for manual mode, will not work for shutter priority mode though because still need to set EV correction somehow. Also, other people noted that it is easy to bump the front ring and change settings inadvertently. A stiff clickable dial like the EV dial on top is much better suited for the job, IMHO. Opinions?
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