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  1. I am happy to see a 'new' name, Samsung and its NX1 made the list. Another serious contender with great value, bringing competition to the market (maybe not now but it will) and provides us shooters with more option. As for the list, like I said on Twitter I believe the used 1DC belongs in a separate special mention list. Why? Because it's like a car magazine saying best cars of 2014 where the new 2014 Fords, Toyotas and Hondas gets beaten by a 2013 Mercedes because it's now more affordable used. You know it's weird. Then every year the "car of the year" line up would probably be dominated by a used luxury car from previous years, because they are indeed from a higher class of products, only now relatively more affordable. But hey it's your blog. Just wanted to elaborate a bit of my view, Twitter was too cramped. I'm waiting for more NX1 news
  2. This is very unexpected and exciting, to have Sammy joining the race. Do you know the dynamic range on this camera yet? I'm hoping this can be a choice between upgrading to GH4 or a7S for me. Also, on your hands-on experience, do you think the live view in its flip screen accurate? I saw it says Super AMOLED and owning multiple Samsung devices I know their super AMOLED usually is set to display quite over saturated colors that can be deceiving.
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