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  1. I started making videos when I bought a Canon 7D and people liked the memories I presented from attending sports and cultural conventions. It was enormously satisfying and addictive, and I met others along the way doing the same thing with their DSLRs, particularly the 5D. But then Canon neglected the potential from upgrading their firmwares and blocked Magic Lantern. In a parallel development, websites hosting many of these videos got more strict about the copyrighted music accompanying them, and politicians started threatening them with ACTA. I suggested alternative regimes in letters to M
  2. Saw one of these 4K monitors recently in Media Market, operating in Windows. Colours looked washed out and the demo 4k video in Windows Media actually looked like badly scaled 1080P. Menus and objects, very tiny, but I imagine the screen acreage will be useful for editors, and Mac may have a better interface with zooming and scaling. OLED is a different story - stunning and amazing. I look forward to an OLED desktop (or AMOLED from Samsung) when they can sort out the operating life of blue pixels and other apparent cost issues. Good to read about the quality of Sony's 4K HDMI output. H
  3. My first time commenting, but have been a long time follower since I got my first camera, a Canon 7D. To begin with I'd like to thank you, Richard, for all that you do to improve our photographic and filming skills and choices. I was prompted to post today because having seen 4K possibilities in small cameras like the new Panasonic and potential beta firmware for 4K recording in the OMD-EM1, perhaps we can press Sony to offer an updated firmware for 4K in their new A7S? If 'heat issues' apparently make this difficult for a camera like the A7S, then it begs the question why it's pos
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