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  1. Yeh I'm using the 23 1.4. It always goes a little past the focus, then moves back. The sony a6500 video auto focus seemed really good in comparison.
  2. New firmware doesn't seem to make any improvement to the focus hunting in video mode, is this something they might address in future? Internal F-Log would be nice, and so would a non-cropped option for video, similar to the X-T20.
  3. Some nice anamorphic tests on the X-T2. How does one go about adapting anamorphic lenses to the X-T2?
  4. Video From Dvxuser 'macgregor using Pro neg. -I haven't had the chance to try it yet but whats the consensus on Classic Chrome vs pro neg std? - Slightly less DR? and more contrast/saturation? -When I manual focus, if I change aperture on the lens it shifts focus. any ideas? -Any solutions to the hunting auto focus other than holding Af lock?
  5. This was shot in 8bits on a canon c300 and has won awards,
  6. If the C300 mk2 has 4k then thats great, but what about the video-looking treatment of highlights you see on the C cameras right through to the C500? Great for weddings and reality shows, but I thought 'C' meant cinema? Supposedly the Fs7 has 14 stops of dynamic range, do you think they will improve the C300 sensor at all? Seems unlikely judging from the c100 conservative upgrades. But at least it will have Wifi and good marketing.
  7. Thats true, but beside the point, I'm strictly talking about image quality and the technical side of things...
  8. Just wondering what people think of the image in this canon spot, supposedly shot on c300, c500, directed by Jonathan Glazer. There is always talk of the inferior specifications, and video-looking image in high contrast scenes, but this seems to be one of the more filmic examples...
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