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  1. Hi there all - First post here, I wanted to share what I just experienced an hour ago when I received my Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster; I ordered directly from Metabones, it took them 5 days to send it, for starters, which felt bit lousy for an 1-3 day express delivery. The item arrived in thin cardboard box, luckily the retail box inside was in somewhat OK condition. However, when I opened the box which contains a plastic case, there was some dust inside the case, which didn't really give good first impression. Then, the lens caps both had noticeable amount of dirt / dust. The item itself too had some dirt and grime on it, dust on the metal parts here and there. Not hard to see with bare eyes and my point being is that lenses don't usually come in this condition when you buy new stuff. Then, the side switch (not the lens release) frame is somewhat loose, I can push it around with fingernail and feels cheap / broken, rattling free. When I opened the lens caps, there was more dust inside the caps, too. Not much, but enough that it's not what I'd expect when I check some lens or optics for the first time. Then I noticed that the plastic shim / cover on the micro 4/3 side was loose, it had ripped off from grasp of the tiny screw that holds it in place, I think. Finally, the lens itself seems to be somewhat dirty, it has some residue on it, not sure if the photos show it correctly, but it looks to my eye really oily / dirty. Never seen anything like that on a Canon lens (for example), for sure. I've attached a few photos, check the link below to see them. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/diz36d625c6l47m/AAAV5UTUhBWmjGXGSyOsJXb2a?dl=0 I've ordered one adapter directly from Metabones earlier, it was all ok then, no problems like this at all. Seems like their quality control has slipped or someone has had a bad day or something? Anyway, has anyone else had similar problems or experiences with Metabones? I feel bit cheated when I get stuff in this shape and paid 599 usd + shipping and taxes (almost 150 usd). I already contacted them about this issue.
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