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  1. I will wait for the 1st firmware update and then go back to my dealer. I can only make AFS work, when I program the AF/AE-Lock-Button to hold AF and then press the shutter button to snap a picture. annoying thing...
  2. I am trying to take a single picture in AFS mode, but every time I set the dial to AFS it takes 2 sec and the display shows AFC again and the focus points are dancing across the screen, not holding their position like on my GH4. What´s wrong?! Did a camera reset already and tried 3 native lenses...
  3. This little bastard... I now own 3 cameras. The GH2, BMPCC and the GH4. For the Blackmagic I bought the BMCC Speedbooster, so I can use it on the BMPCC and the GH4, if I would buy it any time soon. And I did - today. Excited about the Speedbooster working with my Nikon APSC-Glass and getting away with no vignetting in UHD mode (crop factor 2,3 becomes 1,472 like APS-C), I just wanted to give the Custom White Balance a try, since I had to dial in the correct color temperature on the BMPCC, I wanted the luxury back, to have the right settings at the push of a button. So I was just about
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