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  1. I will wait for the 1st firmware update and then go back to my dealer. I can only make AFS work, when I program the AF/AE-Lock-Button to hold AF and then press the shutter button to snap a picture. annoying thing...
  2. I am trying to take a single picture in AFS mode, but every time I set the dial to AFS it takes 2 sec and the display shows AFC again and the focus points are dancing across the screen, not holding their position like on my GH4. What´s wrong?! Did a camera reset already and tried 3 native lenses...
  3. This little bastard... I now own 3 cameras. The GH2, BMPCC and the GH4. For the Blackmagic I bought the BMCC Speedbooster, so I can use it on the BMPCC and the GH4, if I would buy it any time soon. And I did - today. Excited about the Speedbooster working with my Nikon APSC-Glass and getting away with no vignetting in UHD mode (crop factor 2,3 becomes 1,472 like APS-C), I just wanted to give the Custom White Balance a try, since I had to dial in the correct color temperature on the BMPCC, I wanted the luxury back, to have the right settings at the push of a button. So I was just about to flex my finger and set Custom WB... when I remembered... my GH2 always using the mechanical Shutter, when taking the custom WB. Cause I want to use the GH4 a little longer, I dismounted the BMCC Speedbooster and took the Custom WB with a familiar shutter sound! Long story is short: Even with activated Electronic Shutter, the GH4 still uses the mechanical Shutter for Custom White Balance and can be damaged with attached BMCC Speedbooster. Since the SB touches the inside of the Shutter Casing and even leaves a mark there due the pressure of the adapter, when it´s attached. So better stay with the Blackmagic way of dialing in the color temperature or use your MFT Kit Lens - if you own one - to do the work. Or simply buy the normal MFT to Nikon Speedbooster, not the BMCC Version. By the way.... am I the only one who sets custom WB? Cause I didn´t read about this issue anywhere else. At least the BMCC Speedbooster Users don´t care much about it and stick with automatic WB ;-) That´s it for today! Cheers from Austria! Stefan
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