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    d5200 hack

    Hello. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I'm considering buying my first DSLR this week. I'm mostly interested in documentaries, especially the wildlife/ nature ones. I will probably go for either this D5200 or the Canon 600D ( t3i ). However, there's one problem about this camera I'm worried about and it's already mentioned here. No aperture change in LiveView shooting. So, I have decided that I will get a lens that has a manual aperture ring. I thought of the Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8D. However, in a Flickr page ( click here ) I read that you can't "operate your D5200 unless you lock the aperture ring at the minimum aperture (largest f/-number)." I'm a newbie, and I have difficulties in understanding what he meant to say. Does he mean you can't set your aperture at any other value other than its minimum? Then it would make no sense to buy an f/1.8 lens if I can't use it at f/1.8 which would give me fantastic low light images. Another person in that page said that a non-CPU lens would do the trick. Would you please care to help me understand?
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