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  1. It happens so far past overexposure that it probably went unnoticed. It's pretty ugly that's for sure.
  2. I don't get the Sony skin tone argrument really. I like most of you shot in LOG modes and grade the image to what you want it to look like. I shoot with a lot of cameras. C100, C300, A7s, GH4, FS7 and they all get graded to look the way I want. Here are a couple FS7 spots I did. Personally I like the skin tone in these spots.
  3. I was all in with MFT from the AF-100 to the GH cameras. I sold my GH4 and all my MFT lenses last year. The A7 Sony cams just had me. I feel noise was a issue and not liking what ISO1600 looked like made me move. Hopefully Panasonic can clean up the image in the next version because I really feel that is more important than resolution.
  4. Wow! Those samples are impressive. The next generation a7r and a7s are are going to be insane.
  5. This is crazy! I bought the update so I don't feel bad getting it early. :-D If you like pictures I did a how to do it post here. http://eriknaso.com/2015/09/15/huge-mistake-makes-v-log-l-free-on-panasonic-gh4/ Hard part is that dang app! PITA.
  6. I loved the AF-100. Yes it had flaws but it also had what I needed to do my job without a bunch of add-ons. When Panasonic basically dropped it I was bummed. I sure would like to see a new model however it looks more like a fixed lens model. Either way if they use a MFT 4K sensor and it can be usable at 1600 ISO i'm very interested.
  7. Nice job Sony! The FS7 has so many features we all want and the price is really good especially when you consider 10 bit 4:2:2 internal 4K recording. That alone is impressive. Add on the savings in not needing an EVF or rig saves you at least $1500. I'm simply blown away. I need cash now! Haha....
  8. Define "better" Cheaper yes. All of these adapters do the same thing. I don't believe autofocus speed or accuracy will be different between them. This update hopefully will fix the main issue of crashing. As for price. That makes a big difference. Some like the Commlite are only $100 and people seem to like them. I wish someone by now would make a EF to micro four thirds adapter. Seems odd we have several E Mount versions and no really simple MFT version yet.
  9. I did the update and it went very smoothly. I had to do it at work since I dont have a PC in this mac family :-D I didn't see any improvements as far as auto focus goes so I think it's a bug fix update and I'm good with that! I'm taking the A7s with my EOS lenses to Yosemite for a week and looking forward to shooting at night with the stars and hiking during the day. Waterfalls make some nice footy! Should be a fun time with the A7s and the GH4 too!
  10. Windows only. Bummer. I need to do this update at work. All macs here.
  11. That looks very cool! The issue with the Metabones adapter for Canon EF is the autofocus is slow. It does lock just takes a bit longer time than it would with a Canon camera. It's a big deal that you can use your EF glass so that's the trade off. For video it's not a big deal but for stills it might get frustrating.
  12. If no 4K recorder is hooked up the feature is greyed out. Mine does the same. The A7s will output 4K in either PAL or NTSC. Strange that Amazon sold you a grey market camera. If it was from Amazon this will appear in the discription"Ships from and sold by Amazon.com" I think it could be from another vendor that sells through Amazon. As for repairs. I believe it has a one year warranty so after that it's no different. If the camera needs repair Sony will charge you. I don't believe they wont fix it. Usually grey market sells for a lower price. B&H for example sells both. Maybe i
  13. As I'm testing and reviewing the A7s I wrote what drives me crazy about the camera. I didn't say I was sending it back but said it's tough to justify due to the price and cost for me to get the camera usable as a hybrid. Very limited native lens choices are available with good auto focus for the other part of the A7s. photography Still valid points for me. And that record button! Ugh. Haha. But the review goes on. Doing reviews is a big part of the blog and also sharing production tips. Will I keep it? I have some more time to decide. I really want to see what 4K looks like. It's a big par
  14. You sir are very welcome. I have been testing the gamma and color mode this weekend trying to really understand what is going on. Ever read the Sony manual? Horrible! Check out this post and scroll down to Picture Profiles. I'm working next on Color Mode. This camera is tricky to setup and has settings similar to the Sony pro cameras that I'm not very familiar with, so it's a whole new learning curve but it sure is fun!
  15. Yes the A7s is hard to judge exposure with. I found using zebras is the best way to protect the highlights. If you set them at 100 IRE and you see them adjust your exposure a little until they are gone. The histogram works from left to right as opposed to a waveform. You will know if you're clipping when a straight line on the right starts creeping up. same goes with crushing the blacks but on the left.I cant upload an image so >here is a link
  16. All good. Me and Quirky are having tea soon and going for massages. See how easy it is to get along.
  17. Thanks Tim! I'm still playing with the A7s and I'm getting closer to an image I like with it. I just did a post about shooting in studio news updates and grading with Colorista II. Check it out. http://eriknaso.com/2014/07/25/using-the-sony-alpha-a7s-for-news-topicals-and-grading-the-footage/ The camera requires more fussing than I'm used to and Slog2 is very different than Canon log. I'm liking the CINE gammas a lot more and Pro color mode is a little more saturated. Cinema is nice too. A little less saturated. I'm going to play around again with 120 fps but not in Slog2 with lo
  18. Ha! Thats pretty funny! I'm not "narrow-sighted in the least. Maybe you should check out the rest of my blog eriknaso.com. I write more about other stuff than just cameras. I wrote about what I felt are issues with the A7s for me and I'm finding that others do feel the same. Not everyone of course. The single biggest issue is the price. It's a hybrid camera so for me I want it to work as one. If it only becomes a video tool then I prefer other cameras to use. I actually want to keep it for it's strengths but to really get the most from the A7s I would have to spend a whole lot more on Son
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