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  1. At no point in your write up do you discuss bit rate, codec or dynamic range. Yes we get it, you dislike Canon and think they should charge 10% of the price for the product that they come out with. You do discuss the price of 2500, which includes a CFast 64gb card and card reader so people can use it out of the box since they know the target customer doesn't have this media yet... The bit rate btw at 4K is north of 300Mbps, more than triple the two cameras you mentioned in XFAVC which is a derivative of XAVC a more modern and efficient codec than the Panasonic FZ1000's MP4... how do I know this, because they use AVCULTRA in the GH4... oh but at only 100Mbps at 4K... Again we get it you don't like Canon, but I would think you could look at some of this objectively.
  2. Don't you think this article is a bit a stretch? Sony hasn't responded to users, they simply filed for a patent. That doesn't mean that this will ever see the light of day. If you click on the link for the patent it states it was filed for more than two years ago. So I would hardly call that responding.
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