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  1. I normally use canon FD glass on my gh4. I find them to be a very good combo with the gh4, I never have trouble with an "overly digital" look to my footage. there is a shop in my town with a ton of old lenses and they let me trade back and forth so I get to try and bunch of random ones out. I have a bunch of them but one that seems to have the most character to me is a Vivitar 28mm f2.5 FD mount. it has really cool lens flares and is very sharp wide open Ive also got a Sigma 35-70 f2.8 FD mount that I use with my anamorphic lens that is awesome I bought a Contax Zeiss 28-70mm f3.5-4.5 the other week from keh.com. I really like it and its pretty damn sharp for a zoom lens. It was only $313 in Excellent condition so it was a hard deal not to pass up. Ive got an RJ FD- m43 speedbooster as well. I have been very happy with it and that blue dot is not really much of an issue.
  2. I had a similar issue but not with an iscorama( it was a dyaliscope junior 16) and was able to successfully re-grease it on my own with white lithium grease. It was a little nerve racking though and the hardest part was putting everything back together properly, but it really wasn't that difficult. There are some threads on this forum with advice for doing it. Definitely wouldn't do it unless you are good with this type of stuff though, especially if you paid a good bit of money for your lens. One thing you could try though is to leave your lens out in the sun for a while and let it get warm and then rack through the focus a bit to maybe loosen things up
  3. Might want to desqueeze at 2.66: 1 instead of 2.35:1. It looks a little stretched, but still really good for some first test footage.
  4. Just a quick video testing out a Sigma 35-70mm f2.8-4 canon FD mount I found at a local camera shop for $20. It seems to work better as a taking lens than my canon FD f1.4 for some reason, not sure why. It does have a flat front element. From what I have read online most people weren't very happy with sigma zoom lenses in the FD mount, as far as the overall quality. it was all shot wide open around 39/41mm except for the 3rd shot which was at 70mm. I had heard you could use a 35mm + anamorphic on the gh4 without any vignetting but it is pretty severe when I try.
  5. I use mpeg streamclip and convert the original 4k files to DnxHD 1080p 444 10-bit. choose uncompressed for the alpha channel. I have been pretty happy with that. I use Resolve and never really grade my stuff heavily but it seems to hold up pretty well. I have a similar set up as you but only 16GB ram and it runs pretty smooth for me. I'm sure there are better ways to do it but it works alright for me.
  6. Do you have a metabones speedbooster or one of those others brands sold on ebay? Ive been trying to figure out if those cheaper ones are worth buying
  7. that 17mm may be too wide. Ive got a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 that works well with my anamorphic lens. I dont know much about the LA7200 though but I have always thought you shouldn't use anything wider than a 35mm for the taking lens
  8. Hey, I have an anamorphic lens that weighs 1 pound and 1 ounce. It seems to me that it is a little too much weight for the mount but I dont know. I'm just not sure how weight the lens & body mount could take without risk of damage. Right now I do not have a proper lens support but have rigged my matte box so that it can rest on it, which works but is not ideal. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this. The lens (Dyaliscope junior 16) is attached to a canon FD f1.4 on a gh4 Thanks!
  9. cool, gotcha. thanks dude. Yea I have noticed that. It it because of the coating? Also, this is a 2x lens right?
  10. Thanks for the advice fellas. I sorta figured those screws would not help me. Even though I only spent 51 bucks for it and since it still turns, just not as smooth as id like, I am probably going to leave it alone until I can invest in something better. Ive been shooting some stuff with it and it hasnt been slowing things down too much anyway. There is an older gentleman in my town who used to make lenses in the UK and owns a camera rental business who might could help me out just for future reference, What would it be glued to? An inner barrel or something?
  11. Hello! I bough this Dylaiscope Junior 16 anamorphic projector lens from ebay last week for $51, I was very surprised No one ever out bid me. Optically it is in pretty good shape, some minor cosmetic scratches on the body. The main problem I have with it is the focus ring is fairly difficult to turn. I basically need to take it off the mount to set focus everytime because Im afraid I will put unneccesary stress on the lens and mount attached to the camera. I was just wondering if anyone has any experince or knowledge about lubricating lenses. I already know it is generally not a good idea for a non profession to take apart an anamorphic lens since all the elements need to stay perfectly alligned, but I was wondering if anyone knows the function of the 3 screws towards the back of the lens seen in the picture. I can sorta see a bar inside the lens that they seem to be holding. I have taken apart old Canon fd mount lenses before and reassembled with no issue but Im sure this is a bit more difficult. What would happen if I were to loosen those screws? It seems to me that this lens has probably been sitting somewhere for a very long time and the original lubricant has become less oily or something. I removed the face plate of the lens with all the writing on it and removed some of the grease and found it was a greenish shade, which I read from other forums is a type of grease known for sticking over time, not sure if it is the same grease used throughout the lens though. From what Ive read Dyaliscope lenses are of pretty good quality but havent been able to really find much about them. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.
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