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  1. Thanks Andrew. I think I read more into your description than you intended (also, AF-C was a typo; I meant AF-S). I thought you were saying that, WHILE taking a movie, you could get the RX100m3 to offer AF-S, use manual focus assist, and fire of a still. If you just meant that you could do so BEFORE taking the movie, fine. The Mark 1 allowed one to take a still while shooting a movie. The Mark 3 doesn't seem to allow this. I can live with it as is, it's just a shame that they dropped the "grab a still" feature that was in the Mark 1.
  2. Really great review of movie features. Haven't seen anything this informative on the RX100m3. Thanks. For the life of me, I can't get it to record stills when taking movies (in manual mode). Nor can I get it to use AF-C or do punch-in focus assist. I think I've tried every menu option that might be restricting access to this functionality. I'm not alone; a few people on other forums have been complaining that you can't take stills in movie mode, nor use focus assist. Would love to know how you got this to work!
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