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  1. Andrew, your shooter's guide is missing the sub chapter "recommended function button assignments" or I missed it but I have read the whole thing. Any chance of rolling out an updated version? @ntblowz: thx for your help. I ended up with the Voigtländer
  2. Hi Andrew I am considering the Voigtlander f0.95 or the Panasonic Lumix f1.4 (both 25mm). Your guide does not clearly favor one over the other. There is one sentence regarding the Lumix lens which is not quite complete: "The only real drawback of the lens [Lumix lens] is that it looks the option softer look of the Voigtlander at F0.95 and (...)." Do you mean that it lacks the option of the softer look of the Voigtlander? So you prefer the Voigtlander due to mainly the soft look at f0.95 if you do not take the size aspect into account and just quality? Thanks for shedding some light!
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