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  1. DUUUUUUDEEEEEE OMG Thank you so much!!!!!! I shot a wedding today and this other patch totally crapped out on me multiple times. You saved me big time!!!!!!!!! Cant thank you enough!!!!
  2. Aw man the EOSHD.com links are down (404 error) and the personal-view and dvxuser sites don't have the Vanilla hack
  3. I use my GH2 A TON for weddings. It's always used during the ceremony. I just recently bought another. I want to add the Vanilla patch to it but the old patch vault is down on EOSHD. Anyone know where I can find it? I'll be forever in your debt The new (used) GH2 I bought already came hacked with some ultra-high bitrate patch BUT it has a lot more noise than the old Vanilla patch and the file size is doubled. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm curious as to what the big June 3rd announcement was? I figured I'd see 50 people asking you even before today
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