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  1. Does anyone know the fps of the 24p in A7 and A7R? I didn't find this information in the manual and from my A7 and A7R, the footages show as 23.981 fps in FIlm Convert. Thanks.
  2. Hi, does anyone find the best settings for film convert for A7/A7R? Thanks.
  3. A quick question. Does the A7S has any 30 minutes limit for video for the US version? Thanks!
  4. A quick question. Does it have a 30 minutes limit in the US version? Thanks.
  5. The Math is easy to explain. First, 4:2:0 means it has half of the resolution in both directions in the chroma channel. So if we downsample the resolution to a half, we have full color information in both directions, hence 4:4:4. Second, originally the luminance has full resolution and are 8 bit. We can consider 8 bit precision means there are 256 possible values, and as each of them are precise up to an integer, the absolute error is 0.5. Averaging 4 pixels will divide the absolute error by 4, hence 1/8. To make it an integer, we will multiply it by 4, hence 10 bit. Another way of saying it is there are 256 possible values for each pixel, adding the 4 pixels together make it 1024 possible values, hence 10 bit.
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