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  1. Andrew many thanks for this article, it was a comparison I have wondering about. For a while now I have been organising a studio space, lights etc to shoot instructional videos for youtube and other similar outputs, the camera is the final item I need to sort. I was considering the A6000 but wondered about the compression tradeoffs etc, I have an NEX 5n and though I can get good results out of it, I just find the digital look and artefacts too jarring for my sensitive eyes, I was hoping the A6000 would do the trick as I have a lot of NEX bits and peices. Anyhow no worries in buying something else, I have a lot of FF glass and adapters are cheap enough, but this post now brings about a second question. If I am planning to mainly shoot in a studio, with controlled lighting, sound recorders etc would the Panasonic GM1 or the GX7 provide better footage to work with. Many of the samples I have seen with the GM1 look truly impressive and even the kit lens seems to by pretty sharp. Note I realise it has no EVF and is small and so forth but I no troubles with all that, no different really to the NEX 5n... all that really matters is, which will provide the best quality capture to work from. Yeah, I know get a GH4, but I kind of want to keep a lid on the expense and I have plenty of exy gear for stills etc.....maybe one day! I can certainly see an advantage in having several video cams but for now I just want one simple solution that can give great results without too much hassle. I would appreciate any comments others may have to offer, so thanks in advance.
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