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  1. Thanks Panny for your feedback. Giving a storyline is in my mind for the next clip, but it needs much more time. Here were just frame grabs from our last trip... Just to let you know, we were using the pana 14-140. I reckon this lens is really sufficient for my needs. Next step, gh5 to get better results on the slo-mo :-)
  2. Hi guys, with all the advices readen on this topic, here is my last work with the gx80. I hope you will enjoy ! Any feedbacks are very welcome... and I know there are still many things to work on ;-)
  3. ok guys, I just want to have your opinions. I am coming back from a long trip in Indonesia where I used the GX85 for filming mainly surfing. I have to recon that I had in trouble a lot a time with the focus. When using the 50p, I had many non usable footages. Like it was impossible to get it properly ! But when using the 4k, everything was ok... Is it my camera ? For most of the footages, this happens with nice sunny conditions... Any idea ?
  4. Ok, so the better option is to keep other batteries with me although I would appreciate the USB power to operate while filming... Maybe possible on a firmware ! You talk about a hacked gx80... how ???
  5. Ok. Thanks guys ! And how can i extend the battery life to get like 2hours of shooting ? Possible or not ?
  6. Hi guys, i ma still hesitating about bying this beauty... I will travel a lot and use it for surfin footages. I know the gh4 would be a better option... Anyway, can you guys tell me how many minutes the camera can film before turning down ? And do you have any idea on how to extend the battery life (i don't find any dummy battery and the usb charge seems to turn off the camera) ? thanks a lot ?
  7. This is exactly the test I was looking for. I am owning the fz1000 but wanted to go for something like the g7... Thanks !!!
  8. Ok, well i was just wondering if there was any teleconverter like the one you can find ont gx7 ? It would be great...
  9. ‚ÄčOh ok ! Well can you have a look at the numerical zoom ? The panasonic one is really good but what about sony ?
  10. Ok that sony looks really amazing ! It has all that i am looking for : really good slo-mo and it' a water-sealed bridge (if i am not wrong). I already own a fz1000 but i am strugling with the colours... On the other side it has this magic lens that can go up to 400. So my question is How about the numerical zoom on the rx10 ii ? Does it impact the image ? And can we expect to still have the 120p ? I really need a long range like the fe1000 with the rx10 ii specs... Hmm sounds like a dream !
  11. Hi guys, I have this little cam as well. It is so easy to use ! And the results are really great (compared to my old sony a65...). But I have just a question. What's the best ? Mp4 or AVCHD ? I am getting a little confused... Thanks !
  12. Ok thanks for your help. But first of all I need a polarized filter (for surfing movies...). So is there any way to add a polarized filter to an ND filter ?
  13. But after all, the nd filter is only needed for the photography, not for video use ? Am I wrong ?
  14. Thanks Andy, it looks like the kit is not expensive ! Sounds good for me !
  15. Well, I just order that camera !!! So impatient to get that little things in my hands ! Knowing that there is no ND filter, which one do you recommend ? I assume that all my budget has gone in the camera... so nothing too expensive ! Thanks guys
  16. When you talk about heavy crop sensor, what does it mean ? Is the 200 become a 300 ?
  17. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you see some stuffs made with the GH4. It seems that the slomo mode is quite good.
  18. Thanks Noone ! Can you edit a video showing what the a7 and gx7 can do ?
  19. Is there any kind of tele converter on the a6000 like we can find on the gx7 ? Thanks !
  20. Guys thank you for your replies ! I Will continue my research... And try to find a test with the 70-300 g and the a6000 ! Or maybe somebody can give that ?! ;-)
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