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  1. After 1.7 firmware upgrade (AF function), it's there any reason to buy SB Ultra with 0.71x instead XL with 0.64x ? I don't understand the target of the Ultra version... Why did I choose it? The price will be the same. (GH4 user)
  2. Same problem here! My GH4 is new (50 phothos only). I see on Google many users in the same situation. Ann, do you solved?
  3. Lyvyoo


    Hello guys, I search for a "cheap" LED panel for a talking head interview (filmed with gh3+25mm1.4) and I want to ask you if the F&V k4000 worth the double price difference between the chinese CN600 panel? I know the problems with cheap led's but I see some good reviews for CN600/900. Thank you
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