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  1. Andrew, Great guide! Lots of good information and things for me to test out on my GH4. There's a section however that mentions a chapter on post-production, which I did not find in the book. "...by using the RGB Curves effect in Adobe Premiere. For more on this see Chapter 7 on Post Production." Is this a chapter that will be updated or added later?
  2. Thanks for the quick response! Ok, it's starting to make sense now. But would using a normal M43 Speedbooster with a .71 reducer give almost an exact 1x crop to Super 35? I just find it easier to think in Super 35 focal lengths, which is why I'm asking :P Aside from the cropping/math question, I noticed in the post Daniel Peters' test with just a generic focal reducer looked great! Is the Metabones Speedbooster the only way to go or would something like a Mitakon Lens Turbo do the trick as well and not mess up the IQ too much?
  3. I've been confused with the crops factors on the camera cause it seems lots of people seem to be bouncing back and forth between FF or Super 35mm when talking about cropping. Does shooting in C4K/UHD change the cropping to S35? What does it end up being with and without a Speedbooster, in Super 35mm?
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