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  1. Very beautiful!

    I'm not a Gh4 user but I believe it would be nice if you would share the settings you used in camera.



    Thanks Paolo;


    I used natural with contrast @-5, saturation @-2, sharpness @-5. I adjusted the highlights/shadows curves based on what I saw in the LCD.


    I would have used master pedestal vs. the shadows curve had I known about it.  I see fewer crushed blacks using that vs. lifting shadows.

  2. Im finding the GH4 is quite good in Low Light but talking with a buddy who has the BMCC Speedbooster, he says that small device has really opened up his camera to many things saying it makes it a whole new image.  


    I'm using the BMCC edition SB on mine for everything but Defy G2 shots (which functions much better with minimal weight).  It definitely produces a nicer image and the extra stop+ is an additional perk.

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