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  1. http://www.popphoto.com/gear/2014/04/new-gear-metabones-speed-booster-hits-another-mount-om-to-m43-adapter This may have been published here before but it helped me get it...
  2. Thanks all. As you can tell I'm an optical novice but I'm beginning to grasp that the MBSB makes a full 35mm frame lens .71 wider than it would normally be when mounted on a MFT camera, not wider overall. From the Metabones FAQ page: The "35mm equivalent focal length" is not a focal length at all, but a measure of field of view (FoV). Speed Boosterâ„¢ physically reduce focal length by a factor of 0.71x and the APS-C camera body reduces FoV by a "cropped factor" of approx 1.52x, so the 35mm equivalent focal length (cannot be overemphasized this ia a FoV measure) of the combined system is approximately 1.08x.
  3. Ok so a new speedbooster has turned up. It focuses at infinity which is great but I'm pretty sure it's not making the old OM lenses any wider. Certainly not the .71x mentioned in the bunf. My 50mm OM lens looks slightly longer on the Gh4 than it does when I re-check the same lens through the old OM2 body. Any thoughts, ideas? I have written to Metabones but so far no response Many Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Weird my booster turned up yesterday and would not focus the OM glass on infinity. I tried the adjustment and nothing. http://www.metabones.com/article/of/infinity-adjustment-speed-booster-only Also even when focused in near ground it obviously wasn't making the OM lens .71 wider. Might have taken delivery of a faulty one... Odd.
  5. Great, thanks. I guess the whole thing got me wondering what difference, if any, there is between a standard M4/3 booster and this soon to be announced 'Dedicated GH4 booster' ?
  6. Hi first post. I'ma stone cold newbie so apologies if this is covered elsewhere and my general ignorance about all things optical :) I have a new GH4 and a bunch of fast old OM lenses. I was intrigued by this Metabones OM2 to M4/3 booster http://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_SPOM-m43-BM1 Will this work with my GH4? Or do I need to wait for a dedicated GH4 booster? Many thanks
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