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  1. Hi guys Ive been trying to combine c100 footage which is crisp next to 5d footage with 85L which is beautiful and doffy but not very sharp. Here is the video http://www.philwittmer.com/#!John-Amelia/c10u6/20453556-BEFD-4BE6-8C19-A5FE56F7B5FD The full frame 5d is great for portraiture and the c100 is great for a filmic look. I tried to embrace that difference by having the crop bars mainly on the c100 footage. What I would like to try in the future tho, so i dont have to change cameras. Is using the letus anamorphx adapter on the 85L (or even the sigma 18-35) to widen up that field of view which starts to bridge the gap of field of view and dof you get on the full frame what do you guys think? cheers Phil Wittmer philwittmer.com Sydney Wedding Videos
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