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  1. Not sure if anyone is using this process at all, but now Photoshop allows you to use the amazing Camera Raw to color correct footage!!

    Awesome features include:
    white balance tuning
    extreme shadow & highlight recovery
    hue, saturation & lightness control for any color
    Powerful sharpening &  noise reduction
    color aberration removal & lens fringing removal
    lens distortion correction


  2. I did notice the first frames were blocky so I picked a middle one on purpouse.

    I did not expect IPB to have THIS much more color information on still shots!

    So ALL-I should be better with motion because it saves individual (albeit more compressed) frames instead of interpolating?

  3. I just did some 1080p tests in both 200mbs ALL-I and 100mbs, and the 100mbs shots actually grade a lot better!
    Not sure why it's operating this way - is 200/ALL-I just a complete gimmick based on bitrate theory, but actually degrades image quality?

    I decided to do a test where I bumped shadows/highlights, saturation and sharpness to strain the codec.
    Here are a couple of stills!

    GH4 200mb/s

    GH4 100mb/s
  4. I was very impressed with the cinema 100mb/s 4kc mode compared to the 200mb/s 1080p mode. I brought both into after effects for some color grading, and the 4k footage grades and keys a LOT better than high bitrate 1080p. Macroblocking is way less visible in 4k, but for some reason, the recording time available on my card shows a lot more time remaining when in 4K cine mode than in 1080 200mb/s; nearly double the amount of recording time!
    There's something about how 4k compression that just works much more efficiently than 1080p, giving much more color depth and resolution even at lower bitrates.
  5. Just grabbed a GH4 today and gave it a quick low light test next to the 5D Mark 3!
    I tried to make this the fairest possible test:
    There are a lot of curve, contrast cine & dynamic range options in the GH4 that influence the noise levels in the image (and give you INSANE dynamic range), so I stuck to the following settings to really compare the sensor performance:
    Picture Profile standard, contrast -5, sharpness -5
    Hilights & Shadows default(0,0)
    I.Dynamic OFF

    Picture Profile standard, Sharpness minimum, contrast minimum

    Both cameras are at ISO 6400, f/4 and same shutter speed.

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