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  1. Agreed, and I hope they do resolve this and other issues (cartwheeling shutter) at release time, although it seems like their options are pretty limited for pixel remapping, I suppose there could be interpolation from nearby pixels, but you'd still get artifacts. Everybody remember AJW's Pixel Mask plugin? So handy, yet so painful when it's something that needs to be applied to every. single. clip. Also Pablo, I would love to see it in the hands of more filmmakers, too!!! (I volunteer.) In my eyes, the simple fact that everybody seems to already be using the GH4 and it looks great even with the flaws, makes me want to get my hands on one myself, confident that it's a good, usable product. I wish Sony would do the same. By the way, I was speaking with Polish filmmaker Amadeusz Andrzejewski who's been doing GH4 tests, and he said in his experience the "The rolling shutter in HD is barely noticable, it gets more painful in UHD though." Here's his 96P test and rolling shutter review:
  2. Just a thought, would it be possible to resample e.g. 96fps footage to 4:4:4 through some similar process and see an appreciable difference? Great job Thomas with the app, it certainly does seem like a nice tool especially as Andrew mentioned for B&W. Maybe we don't all need to go out and buy the new Digital Bolex to get shots of our leaky taps, after all. (Kidding, love what I've seen of the 12 bit raw on the D16M; this is super versatile, the Bolex is a special application camera.) Christopher Saalbach-Walsh @krisicwalsh
  3. In the beta firmware footage that I've seen, at least, I think it's worth noting that the GH4's 4K has pretty much the same rotten rolling shutter as the a7S and AX100, but overcomes it completely at 1080. I don't think this generation of cameras will get non-jelly 4K, period, but that's just my guess. There are a lot of features across these three cameras that we're being given for a remarkable price, and I don't honestly believe this will prevent the cameras from being used for amazing things. I shoot dance and performance, and so will this make the camera unusable? No, I'll just shoot in 1080 when I need to, and take advantage of the awesome 96fps when it's required. This test really does show it off very well, great shots. Christopher Saalbach-Walsh @krisicwalsh
  4. Forgive me if someone else has already brought this up, but what about dead pixels? For example: my 5D II has been aging pretty gracefully, but hot-and-or-dead pixels became impossible to ignore last year at the higher ISOs. When I bought my 6D, it had a few straight out of the box, but thanks to pixel remapping they disappeared immediately. Direct pixel-to-pixel recording in 4K is going to mean that if a photosite dies, you can't get around it in-camera. And at the high ISOs where the a7S is so awesome, I think there could be a huge risk of the image being spoiled by these little buggers, and possibly sooner than you'd think, which will make high sensitivity shots a massive pain every time you go into your NLE. I wanted so much to love the a7S—I think Sony is producing some of the best new sensors (D800, a7R, and yes a7S), codecs (S-log, XAVC), and all around cameras (I love the F55 and FS700 so much). Unfortunately, for my purposes at the moment, I think the GH4 is just a more usable day-to-day tool. I'll use the a7S when it's needed, but... Anyone have any other thoughts on hot pixels with this baby? @krisicwalsh
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