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  1. Thanks man and for you the gh4 codec compression is as good as the proresHD?
  2. What do you think of this gh4 versus a blackmagic pocket? I have the impression that blackmagic has a more cinematic look but maybe it's something you can have in post with the gh4 or it's always have a more "video" look more suitable for documentaries than fiction?
  3. Thanks man for your answer, I've already seen it, I was reffering to this : "I’ll be shooting a comparison between the 5D Mark III raw and the GH4. Can 8bit 4K from a 2.2x crop sensor area really match the cinematic look of 14bit raw from a full frame sensor?" I was asking myself the same about a blackmagic pocket too in comparison, your personal insights, DR, grading...
  4. Hey, I'm new here too, thanks for all those great infos on the GH4, can we a have a comparision with a blackmagic pocket too? I'm looking forward a good cinematic look and I'm a little afraid with the gh4 despite all those good things you think about it. Keep up the good work!
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