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  1. Andrew, can you confirm 48p 4k 10bit has been confirmed by Panasonic? The chart really doesn't point to that
  2. I'm still hesitant. I'm reading 48p the same way as 50p and 59.94p is listed above it, with the chart indicating 150mbps. If you look at the top where you have 23.98 it's listing two bitrates. And then 3 bitrate options for all regular framerates. If 48p was possible in 400mbps wouldn't that be listed under 150mbps? Let's see if Andrew can comment and clear it up if it's been confirmed from Panasonic
  3. You are the first one I've seen reporting 4k 10bit at 48p. I can't really make sense of the chart, as it looks like 48p would be only 150 maps, but part of the summer 2017 firmware. Are you sure you're reading this chart correctly? Was it confirmed by Panasonic? Also, would it be selected in VF? DCI 4k 10bit at 48p would be massive.. Already decided to buy but didn't expect this!
  4. Since this was my first test, I did (like most others I think) just switch to Cinelike D, and turned down contrast, sharpness, saturation and NR all the way, raised shadows and lowered highlights. This ended up giving me some noise in the shadows, yes. I've done some tests now and I think the image out of Cinelike V with similar configurations is a bit more appealing and less noisy. But personally I think the noise is not that bad, but rather adds to the feeling. It's not like the ugly noise you usually get out of a DSLR. But what you see, and reacts to is probably the FilmConvert grain, which I added when grading. I really like the feeling it brings to the footage. In addition it's graded with levels and some custom build Looks I always add to adjustment layers in After Effects. I use the blending mode and opacity, usually setting one layer to Screen, one to Soft Light and one to normal with opacities between 20-50%. It really brings out the exact look you're going for. The aperture was set to wide open on an EF 70-200 f/4.0L, using this focal reducer for EF to M4/3, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canon-EF-EOS-speed-booster-turbo-adapter-to-m4-3-mft-GF5-GF6-GX1-EM5-EM1-BM-/201055599564. I got to borrow the lens from a friend, since I had all my gear but the camera in London. Now I've tested the setup with my EF 24-70 f/2.8L II and I must say the results look amazing. Fingers crossed that what ever Andrew's hinting at turns out to be an EF-M4/3 GH4 specific speed booster with electronic connection.. Can it really be that good?!
  5. Thanks for the review Andrew, great read! Really excited to see what June 3rd is all about! An EF Speedbooster with electronic connection would be amazing. I've had my GH4 for about a week now using a focal reducer that does the job, but aperture control and IS would be nice. Here's my first test, shot the day after I got the camera and could put a lens on it with the focal reducer I got off of Ebay. Tried out the VFR mode and I must say I'm really impressed. My expectations were a lot lower after reading people's opinions and watching their tests. So excited to see what this camera is capable off
  6. I wanted to throw a question out there regarding using external recorders with the GH4 set to 96fps. Since I haven't got my hands on the GH4 just yet I can only trust what other people that's been using the camera have to say. The camera is recording in 100mbit/s when set to VFR, making the image quality suffer since the camera is spreading the bit rate over 96 frames every second in 96fps, which is understandable. My question is what can we expect i regards of image quality and bit rate if we pair the GH4 with say the Atomos Shogun when it's released? Can the Shogun record at a higher bit rate straight off the sensor, generating a better image, or is that something that's determined by the sensor itself? Sorry if this question seems a bit novice, but I haven't used an external recorder before so I'm not really sure of it's limitations. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, good thing the lenses I have don't need the active mount for focusing, but of course IS will be a loss. My concern is that the IQ won't hold up as well, and that it will be very evident in 4K, but looking at the tests I think it's at least a worthy work around for the moment. I hope Metabones are bound to release something in time since they've announced they're working on it for quite some time now.
  8. First of I want to thank you Andrew for testing the camera in various ways and sharing your results with us, much appreciated! This camera has really caught my attention and it feels like nothing can really compare at even a fairly close price point at this moment. My concern though is that I come from Canon with a couple of L-series lenses that I really don't want to give up. I've been searching around to see if there's any news from Metabones on their EF-MFT speed booster but it seems like they've been quiet for a while. Anyone know the latest updates here? Has anyone worked with using any other passive adapter/speed boosters for EF, like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry0nuJrXhpg, on an L-series lens? I understand that the aperture needs to be set in advanced on another camera, so if let's say I'm using my 24-70mm f/2.8, leaving the aperture wide opened, and moving the lens over to the passive adapter/speed booster, my work around for controlling exposure would be to use shutter speeds greater than what's equal to the angle of 180 degrees right? Am I risking to damage the lenses by using them on a passive mount? How would you rate this as a solution in anticipation of Metabones finally releasing an active EF-MFT speed booster? Thanks!
  9. Edited Move to here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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