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  1. All i need is ProRes 422 and LT from Z9 unless N_Raw proves to be far superior in the post. I am using ProRes 422 in BMPCC 4K and Editing in FCPX is the Best solution out there.
  2. "Given the low price of these cameras it seems reasonable to consider using both the GH4 and the A7S, applying each camera when a scene might play to their individual strengths." This is what i was thinking too. Shooters like me, this is dream come true. GH4 as a main Camera and to complement that there is A7s. Freedom at last!
  3. Both Cameras are awesome and wish i could own both. Main difference for me is the cost of 4K acquisition. GH4 does it for $2000.00 where as Sony for $ 5000.00. I love the quality and flexibility of 4K and want it right now, not 6 months down the road.
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