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  1. The a7s can do 720p120 and 1080p60, but the recorder can even do 1080p120 which is great. I was just asking if you can actually capture 1080p120 via HDMI like the 4k recording works over external recorder only. But if not, I can't understand why they made this 1080p120 possible as it's specially designed / developed for the Sony a7s. I wish there would be a way for 1080p at 120fps out of the a7s
  2. They designed a recorder for the a7s wich can do 1080p 120fps, but the camera can't hold up with the speed/size? Then what's the reason to develope it, when you can't use it?
  3. does the a7s deliver 1080p at 120fps via HDMI, because the atmos recorder would acually support that, would be awesome
  4. Does anybody know if the Sony a7s can deliver 120fps Full HD video HDMI on the new ATMOS Shogun? The recorder supports 1080p at 120fps so I'm just wondering if this might be the same situation as the "4k over HDMI only". So is there a "120fps Full HD over HDMI only"? I haven't seen anybody talking about this yet, nor did i find any information.
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