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  1. Looking at that video the 10" screen on the Ursa kinda looks neat, probably would have been better if there was a way to detach it like the sensor block and replace it with a viewfinder. I'm sure that's adding to the weight as well. Ergonomics wise it looks much better than the Ursa, but it records raw through a thunderbolt 1 port? Kinda odd.
  2. I think I would prefer the dynamic range, 12bit lossless raw and 1 2/3 speedbooster over 100Mb 4:2:0 4k. But not having played with the GH4 (lucky you :) ) I can't say for sure. But if the pocket wasn't an option though I'm sure I'd be counting down the days to a GH4.
  3. I completely agree that smaller, lighter and more flexible is the future. But they already have those cameras. While I am disappointed that it's going to be another month before the next firmware comes out, I would have been much more annoyed if they announced something like Pocket 2.0 today as the first one is barely a year old. --Edit Written before I saw your most recent post. The tradeoff for blackmagic has always been price and quality vs it's usability quirks. We're almost at the "dream" camera, just a little ways to go.
  4. I completely agree that the firmware on their Cinema line is in desperate need of an update. The being said, it would be way too soon for a hardware update. I think coming out with a new version of any of their previous cameras right now would alienate their existing userbase even more. Even though they were announced over a year ago, the pocket and 4k cameras have barely been available for half that time. They already have their cinema line for independent filmmakers. This year they're focusing on cameras for higher end and studio productions. A different market, but one that they are already "in bed" with. Honestly I don't see these new cameras making much money. But I also don't think the situation is as dire as you predict. An interesting bit of info I saw while looking at the specs for the Studio cameras. The HD one seems to be the same same sensor as the pocket camera (12.48mm x 7.02mm sensor size). The 4k variant for later this year has a sensor size of 13mmx7.35mm. Right now I don't think it's possible to have a record a 4k image with the same detail and color depth as the pocket camera for the same size and price. But I can definitely see that sensor being used in a 4k pocket camera next year.
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