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    JamesBooba reacted to Andrew Reid in Photokina report day 1 - the Samsung NX1 (4K mirrorless camera with H.265)   
    Given the sensor size and megapixel count are not exactly like the A7S, the ISO 3200 sample is ok and on par with a Red Epic.
    The noise reduction setting in-camera is crazy high which makes it hard to judge sharpness from these hastily shot JPEGs before they glued the card door up to stop exactly the kind of post you just made slamming the camera based on a bad test!!
    The guy who shot these didn't even get the model's head in focus and you are claiming her hair looks soft... no wonder.
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    JamesBooba got a reaction from Julian in Apple iPhone 6 camera specs at a glance - 240fps and new Apple video encoder!   
    "The Apple iWatch by the way, looks truly beautiful. A masterpiece of design and engineering. "
    Thats ment in a sarcastic way? 
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