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  1. As to this CON: Portrait mode shallow DOF works in real-time on screen, so why not in video mode? I've had some shots where it doesn't even sort out an image on screen or in a still. For instance, if there's not enough distance between your subject and a semi transparent background like a chainlink fence. I've seen portrait mode get confused and blur the fence out in some areas and not others. Same if the subject is in front of a window that the camera can see through in some spots, but where the deeper background is partially obscured by reflections. I would expect trying to apply that level of ai to a similarly confusing situation in video would create strange and awful results.
  2. Can anyone suggest settings for Premiere to output similar quality as ProRes 10bit 2K with 4444 sampling on the Windows side of things? Thanks for all the info and samples. I'm counting the days for notice that my preorder is on the way!
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